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One Stop on the Journey to Creativity

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heartofdavid here, and this is my community.

So what is this place?

I would like it to be a home, a gallery, a museum, a library, a shop; all those things in one and all about creativity. A place where a traveller, wanderer or guest could stop by for a visit and browse, finding a varied assortment of items and 'goodies' related to creativity. They could then sit down, make themselves 'at home' and have their minds exposed to works by a variety of artists. I would like them to imagine comfortable chairs, couches, cushions and tables (and good lighting!). Beautiful young men and women strolling by taking orders for a drink or a meal, anything you would like. Music playing in the background, requests taken. And vast gardens, with shade trees, wild flowers, a lake and benches scattered here and there if the visitor wanted to enjoy the outdoors. Never too hot, never too cold, and a special 'rain' section for those of us who like it. Blankets and a picnic provided, if that's what you would prefer.

That's the fantasy in my mind. But I want the 'works' to be reality, I want people to join, contribute, comment. All are welcome...except trolls and other 'nasties'; they will be dispatched.

So what can be posted here? Stories, poems, artwork, essays, photography, reviews; creative and imaginative 'works' of all kinds, of all styles and of a multitude of genres. Fanfiction (het, slash (M/M or F/F), original non fanfiction stories too. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus (in brief, the writer 'poorly hidden' as the heroine/hero, overly and unrealistically romantic).

To make a post or a comment on a post, you must be a member. Posts will be moderator approved. There's two of us. I'm heartofdavid; I've written Duran and Japan slash fanfics, a het Japan fanfic, poetry and I also draw. If you have questions, comments or concerns, you can reach me at alabalaski@comcast.net.

I'm very pleased that alannahjoy has agreed to co-moderate, slashmistress of duran_stories, writer of Duran slash fanfics, and a published myster writer. She can be reached at DuranDuranGal903@aol.com.

It's my place, I make the calls on it. Hey, I'm not a meanie but there's stuff I'm not interested in seeing. I want this open to a variety of fandoms (if that's what a writer would like to post), but not ones like LOTR, Harry Potter, Buffy, etc. These fandoms are very popular have other places available for posting, they don't need to reside here. But I'm willing to be flexible as well, the rules aren't iron-clad and subject to change as this community evolves.

Membership will be by approval, 18 and older, to allow for mature/adult content.

Note: Any Duran or Japan slash (male/male relations) should be posted on the LJ communities already available, duran_stories moderated by alannahjoy and japan_stories moderated by ladyxenax. I co-moderate both those communities.

Disclaimer: All stories are complete fiction, existing only in the minds of the authors.

PLEASE READ! Okay, here are the rules and guidelines:

1. All posts should have a header indicating what a reader can find. Examples: "ANIME REVIEW", "MYSTERY SHORT STORY", "FANFICTION", "ARTWORK - DRAWINGS", etc. Make up your headers using the wording you like, but make it clear what it is.

2. Well written stories. Take care with spelling and grammar; give your writing the respect it deserves. Slash stories (male/male, female/female), heterosexual stories, fanfictions (variety of fandoms), original stories.

3. Poetry - any kind

4. Editorials, essays, reviews - the moderators may assign individuals who have interest in writing a well written and thought out critique, opinion or commentary. Political and/or religous creeds and beliefs WILL NOT be discussed; this isn't the place for it, simple as that. Items that may be covered include music, film, books/manga, topics related to writing/creative process. Interested? Let us know!

5. Original artwork - if you draw, paint, sculpt, etc., and would like to show examples of your artwork and talents, it would be welcome.

6. Pics/photos - Visuals are nice to share. Some ground rules about it. If you scanned it yourself or took the picture yourself, state so and indicate if you do or do not want others to copy/post elsewhere. If it's not 'yours', indicate that and please state where you got it from. I believe in giving credit. If you copied it and can't remember exactly where it came from, that's cool, please state the same. We'll see how this goes. :)

7. Feedback, feedback, feedback. Feedback. It's important to a writer/artist, please tell them what you think about their work. We love an audience! Constructive criticism, civilly stated, relating specifically to the work in question is allowed. But be nice; trolls, flamers, 'nasties' will not be tolerated, do it and you are out.

8. Stories should have the following information available at the beginning of the post:

RATING: (see below for explanation)
STYLE: (see below for explanation)
FANDOM: (if applicable)
SYNOPSIS: (if the author wants)
COMMENTS: (dedications, explanations, inspirations, whatever!)

Please follow and use these ratings:
: for anyone to read
PG: slightly naughty, maybe some mild sexual references but it's all behind the scenes
PG-13: strong language, mild violence, taking a peek behind the scenes but not seeing much
R: naughty, erotic action is there but not overly explicit
NC-17: explicit sexual content, violence within the context of the story.
X: it's all sex

Styles (choose one or more as it fits your story):
Slash (male/male), slash (female/female), heterosexual, suspense, thriller, mystery, romance, humor, ficlet, fantasy, science fiction, erotica, angst, other. If you have a story that doesn't 'fit' one of these, then indicate the style you think it is. Please note if your story contains disturbing elements such as self-harm or non-consenting sex; please use good judgement/common sense related to this.

9. Stories or any prose containing explicit adult content rated NC-17 or higher must be posted under the secuity blanket of FRIENDS ONLY. Pics or artwork of an erotic nature should carry a warning; PLEASE, NOTHING PORNOGRAPHIC/EXPLICIT/HARD-CORE (you try to submit that and you are out).

10. The body of your post must be enclosed in LJ-cuts, so the item itself is hidden when you view the main page.

11. Members should post only their own stories, poetry, artwork, etc. Posting on behalf of another party is not allowed. If you are shy, you can retain your privacy by getting an LJ account under a different user name.

We'll make the rest up as we go along, adding/changing what is needed.

The most important rule is to have fun and enjoy! Show us the wonderful, imaginative, inventive and creative person you are!